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Sharing Insights and Inspiration in Episode 1 of our Parents as Career Coaches Podcast

Kicking off HIEC’s new podcast series, Parents as Career Coaches, HIEC’s Executive Director Kelly Hoey and career development and education expert Phil Jarvis dive into the crucial role parents play as career influencers and explore the valuable insights and advice from a panel of experts passionate about empowering parents in this critical role. 

As hosts of the podcasts, Kelly and Phil were thrilled to speak with Dave Redekopp, Sareena Hopkins and Tricia Berry – who provide inspiring nuggets of information to help us have these crucial conversations with the youths in our lives.

Introducing the Experts

Dave Redekopp is a career development specialist with extensive experience in both education and non-education organizations. He is known for developing the high-five principles of career development: Know yourself, Believe in yourself, Follow your heart, Access your allies, Change is constant.

Sareena Hopkins is the Executive Director of the Canadian Career Development Foundation and has been instrumental in developing standards and guidelines for career development professionals and the framework of competencies for career development.

Tricia Berry is a leader in New Brunswick’s career-related teaching, focusing on developing future-ready students and transforming education to help students build fulfilling lives.

The Role of Parental Involvement in Career Development

Highlighting the significance of parental involvement in career development, Tricia Berry emphasizes that while parents are the number one career influencers for their children, they don’t need to be career counsellors. Instead, they can act as career influencers by being supportive and curious about their child’s interests.

Feeding off that principle, Sareena Hopkins reinforces the idea that parents can positively influence their children’s career choices through their actions and values. She emphasizes that parents should be aware of the messages they convey about work and careers, as children are always watching and absorbing these messages.

Dave Redekopp emphasizes that parents should recognize that career development is about more than just choosing an occupation. It’s about helping children understand themselves, their values, and their future aspirations, and encourages parents to become curious about their children’s interests and to explore opportunities together.

Fostering Optimism in Career Choices

The panel emphasizes that no career decision is fatal, and mistakes can lead to valuable learning experiences. Sareena Hopkins encourages parents to celebrate their children’s mistakes and crises, as they can shape their future in unexpected and positive ways.

Dave Redekopp suggests parents help their children expand their horizons by exposing them to a wide range of opportunities and careers. By asking interesting questions and being curious, parents can help their children explore various options.

Tricia Berry recommends that parents be patient and supportive during this journey, recognizing career development is a lifelong process. She also advises parents to seek help from career development professionals when needed.

By being supportive, curious, and patient, parents can empower their children to make informed and inspired career choices. Career development is a journey, not a one-time decision, and parents can guide their children every step of the way. The experts remind us that no decision is ever fatal, and opportunities for growth and learning are abundant in the ever-changing world of work. So, let’s embrace this journey with optimism and curiosity, creating a brighter future for the next generation.

Listen to this, and other episodes now at: hiec.on.ca/pacc

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