Workforce Central Canada

Workforce Central Canada is a collaborative effort of the HIEC, MDB Insight and the National Association of Workforce Boards (NAWB) to convene a national dialogue and provide leadership in support of Canada’s workforce development community. These original partners created Workforce Central Canada in 2017 with the intent that it creates a virtual space to bring together those that have an interest, mandate, or passion to strengthen Canada’s workforce development. We hope it gives you a safe space to pose the tough questions, have informative dialogue and explore new approaches to ensuring Canada has a strong, skilled, and resilient workforce.

Workforce Central Canada provides leadership and inspiration in support of Canada’s labour market and its global competitiveness. We are a work-in-progress, growing and developing in step with the workforce development landscape at local, regional, provincial and national levels. We will add and expand relevant content as it becomes available.

We welcome the input of our members and colleagues – and we are very glad you’ve joined us!

To date, we have been developing both a platform for networking and a range of initiatives to focus attention on what is happening in Canada’s industry sectors, the pressures on those industries with regard to talent, what kind of skills are in demand today and what skills may be in demand in the future. Our inaugural projects included this web site and the launch of a podcast series. Together, the original partners continue to expand both the reach and the influence of Workforce Central Canada through ongoing professional development initiatives and support for a national dialogue focused on workforce development.

Canada’s workforce ecosystem strategically supports and empowers a skilled and resilient labour force.

Workforce Central Canada, through its grassroots network of individuals, organizations, associations, education providers, industry, unions, and government supports Canada’s global competitiveness by contributing to supply and demand labour market efficiencies, strengthened economic advantages and a culture of innovation.

To make sure you don’t miss any of the ongoing dialogue about workforce development in Canada as we move forward, be sure to connect with us on Twitter (@WorkforceCanada) and check our website ( for updates and news of future discussions. Or email us:

Rising Stronger: Preparing Canada’s Post-Pandemic Workforce

On May 13, 2020, Workforce Central Canada held a live, interactive leadership forum featuring a panel of experts and thought leaders and addressing the challenges facing our workforce development community. Panelists examined priorities and strategies that represent the vital interests of those working at the intersection of workforce and economic development. We were pleased to see so many people interested in this important topic and participating in the event – 500+ Registrants from 10 Canadian provinces and Nunavut!

Below is a link to access the recorded session:

Workforce Central Canada will be releasing a follow-up recording that includes panelists from May 13th talking further about the ideas and questions that came up during the live event –watch for announcements. One of our next priorities will be follow-up podcasts exploring sector-specific implications and priorities – we’ll make sure you hear about those as they are released. We appreciate your interest in Canada’s workforce development and look forward to continued collaboration and dialogue of vital national importance.