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Career Centre

HIEC's Career Awareness Program

HIEC’s Career Centre is open to all Halton students and adult education groups. We connect with over 9,000 students each school year for an opportunity to take part in “The Real Game” and conduct research on over 3,000 reliable occupational profiles.

The Real Game is a career explorations program designed to bring real life experiences to the classroom. Students complete 10-weeks of in-class sessions that culminate with a visit to the HIEC Career Centre. Here, they participate in self-awareness activities that tie their classroom experiences to self-directed occupational research. The students come away with a better understanding of working conditions, salaries, future trends, and post-secondary pathways for the jobs that interest them.

Key community partners for The Real Game program include:

I found coming to the Career Centre really helped me take a little better understanding of the career world and that path I want to go. It helped me decide more of where I want to go with my life.

Student, Rolling Meadows Public School

Benefits for Educators

The program provides numerous measurable benefits to students, including:

The Real Game

Principles Underlying the Project: