Talk with our kids about money

Host a virtual money fair.
Be featured on the CFEE website.
Win Prizes!

A Virtual Money Fair involves students at any grade level (4 to 8 recommended or up to age 14) selecting a money topic that is of interest to them, undertaking research to explore and learn about that  topic, and preparing a 3 minute video presentation that showcases the outcome of their research and what they learned (very similar to a science fair but about money or money matters).

Participants may choose to use :

  • Video
  • PowerPoint
  • Song
  • Storytelling
  • Poster board

or any format that they wish, but the submission must be in video format for showcasing on the CFEE website and for judging.  

CFEE will showcase these videos on their website and social media channels throughout the year. In April, CFEE will showcase and judge some of the  best submissions by “financial celebrity judges”. 

The prizes are:

1st prize award of $2000

2nd prize award of $1000

3rd prize award of $500

And if you complete a Money Fair submission, be sure to let us know at so we can share it on social media! 


Learn more about Money Fairs with these links

Watch the video below to learn more about the benefits of hosting a Money Fair at your school and how to embed it within your curriculum. 

HIEC is proud to partner with the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE) to ensure every Canadian has the capability and opportunity to build a successful economic future.

If you have any questions about our involvement with CFEE, please contact us!