Are you the type of person who wants to start building workplace experience and skills to add to your resume right away and make money while doing it? Heading straight into the workplace is as equally valid as pursuing an academic post secondary pathway. 
Here are a few website that can help you find a job today:
On this website you can explore different occupations that may interest you and take some career and skills and knowledge quizzes that can help you narrow down your search.  
On this website you can see what positions are available in your area and apply today!
Probably the most popular of job search engines, Indeed can support you with building your resume and sending you email alerts with the newest job listing in your idea. 
If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, now is the time to get one. This is a great resource that you can use to promote yourself and build a strong network of industry professionals to help you on your career path journey. They also have email alerts that keep you up to date about employment opportunities in your area.