What is the HIEC - Virtual Career Lab?

HIEC is committed to supporting you at all stages of your career development. Here you’ll find activities, resources, and relevant information in order to make informed and inspired career decisions.

Our Virtual Career Lab is modelled after our in house Career Awareness Programming which has been serving students across Halton for almost three decades and we are eager to share this programming with you at home and in school.

Choose your stage

Are you at the starting point of career planning and don’t really know what you’d like to do or which career sector might be right for you? Start here! The dropdown below will allow you to explore your interests, skills and values, complete a career card sort to decipher which sector you’re most interested in, and help you get started on researching different career paths.

Have you got a rough idea of what you’re interested in but need a little support mulling over the details and figuring out the next steps? Or do you want even more support because you still don’t know what you’re interested in? Here you’ll find all sorts of support and information about what you can get involved in to help support your career path decisions.

Want some real-world examples of working in various sectors? Click the dropdown below and watch our Mentorship Moments and Virtual Job Profiles about individuals sharing their experiences in career planning.

Feeling like you know what next step is right for you and ready to make some decisions? Click the dropdown below for information on Post Secondary Pathways, digestible workforce development information, and career path related blogs.