Whether we realize it or not, parents and other adult allies play an important role in supporting students’ career exploration. In fact, surveys completed by students at HIEC’s Career Development Lab showed that 76% of young people look to family members as their top choice for accessing career-related information.

The Parents as Career Coaches podcast aims to educate parents, and other adult allies, on how to help launch young people on a trajectory to a satisfying and fulfilling life in a better world, and how we can engage in meaningful and fruitful conversations with the young people in our lives surrounding their futures. 

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About Season One

Season one of Parents as Career Coaches includes conversations about how the working world is changing and what employers are looking for in new hires, how schools are preparing young people for those expectations, and what you can do to help bridge that gap outside of the classroom.

Phil Jarvis

Phil Jarvis created CHOICES, an online career exploration and planning system used by over 90% of Canada’s secondary and postsecondary schools. He led Canada Prospects, The Real Game Series, Canada WorkinfoNET, the Blueprint for Lifework Designs, and other pan-Canadian and international projects deployed in over 100,000 classrooms across Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and beyond. He believes helping youth discover how they want to make the world better - their purpose - should be job 1 for education! He advocates for collaborative, community-based learning projects linked to real-world issues students care deeply about, such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These hands-on learning projects enable students from pre-school to postsecondary to acquire the self-knowlege, real-world knowledge, social-emotional skills, and grit they will need for success in an uncertain, rapidly changing world. Phil has always viewed parents and guardians as the primary teachers and educational influencers in young peoples’ lives. Over 25,000 school superintendents, principals, teachers and career professionals are among his social media followers. For more on Phil see www.philjarvis.ca

Kelly Hoey

Kelly Hoey is the Executive Director of the HIEC, an industry education council committed to advancing cooperation between business and education in support of workforce and economic development in Ontario. Kelly takes great pride in working in partnership with employers, community agencies and all levels of government. In recent years, Kelly’s focus has been on harnessing technology to connect stakeholders and build community capacity through HIEC’s provincial on-line communities apprenticesearch.com and EmployerRegistry.ca. Kelly is passionate about extending learning beyond the classroom and helping youth make informed career decisions about their futures. Kelly has designed, developed and implemented career education programs for more than 100,000 elementary/secondary students and is the author of the Careers 10 textbook.

Resources for Parents

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