Finding my Career Plan

By: Kaylah Sebastian, Grade 11 Student

As long-time champions of experiential learning, it’s important for us to offer co-op, internship, volunteer and summer job experiences to students at all levels of their education. We learn just as much from our co-op students as they learn from us! We’re excited to start a blog series highlighting the students who work with HIEC and their unique education and career journeys. To launch this series, HIEC Co-op Student Kaylah Sebastian has shared her career planning experience with us.

Since the first year of high school, I already knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I set out my goal and desire to go to college for animation to ideally work in the animation or gaming industry. 

Connecting Inspirations & Interests

During my grade 9 year, I was doing research online about the job title I initially thought I wanted, an architect. After that, I figured out that I shouldn’t be working as an architect for the rest of my life because I didn’t see myself enjoying it at all. At the same time, I was watching YouTube videos in my free time, and I came across quite a few animators on the site, such as Jaiden Animations, and TheOdd1sOut. Their videos consisted of their personal entertaining stories or a topic they were sharing with their original drawn animation to go with it and create a visual piece. I found them to be really inspiring and I respect their work.

Next, I started to reflect on my childhood and current interests. I’ve always been interested in art, and I’ve been told by many growing up that I had a talent for it. I enjoyed watching animated films, and noticed how I’d feel so attached to the characters and the storyline. As well as, Riot Games’ League of Legends is a huge inspiration for me, because of the amount of different characters there are, and how they make an animated music video every year. It’s amazing for me to think about how maybe one day I could be a part of these things, and I want to be a part of creations, to make others feel moved. 

Connecting my natural grown interest in such topics, and seeing the opportunities I can have with animation, whether it be video games, music videos, television series, movies, YouTube videos, or even advertisements and marketing purposes, it felt like it all fell into place. It felt right. 

Listen to your gut feeling, see what you enjoy around you, and trust yourself. If you have the gut feeling that it feels right, don’t ignore it, that means you should probably look into it!

I’m currently in my school’s SHSM program in relation to the arts to help guide me into the pathway that I plan on taking, since it forces me to choose courses related to an art and design path. I bought an animation basics book, and watch YouTube videos on a daily basis to help me gain some knowledge.

It’s so important to start somewhere, so educating yourself and doing research on your own time is beneficial to really knowing if you want to continue on your path.

Committing to the Plan
I am choosing happiness over money. I dedicated my time to choose a path where I could find enjoyment in it, and a path where I can work with other creative individuals in hopes to make many connections in my lifetime. I have fully committed myself to this pathway, and I’m happy with my decision.

After finding what you want in your career, choose your career plan. After that, commit to the plan, and as long as you’re content and passionate, COMMIT!

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