The Halton Industry Education Council facilitates communication and partnership among employers, educators, students, and their parents for their mutual benefit. In partnership with the Halton Catholic District School Board and the Halton District School Board, Sheridan College and local businesses, HIEC assists with the development and implementation of community based educational initiatives.

HIEC's events, programs, and services are successful and effective because of the participation of the many stake holders in the community who care about the education of our students. They are the future workforce for many small and large businesses throughout Halton.

The following is a compilation of worthwhile opportunities to become involved with, regardless of the financial or human resources you have at your disposal.

    FutureForce Halton
  • FutureForce Halton
  • As workforce demographics shift and the population changes, our community and communities around the world will face both challenges and opportunities that could profoundly affect local, national and international economies. FutureForce Halton (FFH), an Employment Ontario program led by the Halton Industry Education Council, is a collaborative effort in community capacity building providing an opportunity for all community stakeholders – industry, education, community and government to address some key human resources issues. FFH works to raise awareness of the need to work in partnership and come up with innovative short term and long term workforce development strategies, mobilize stakeholders, build support and think strategically about common goals.

    Halton Apprenticeship Advisory Committee
  • Halton Apprenticeship Advisory Committee (HAAC)
  • The Halton Apprenticeship Advisory Council (HAAC) is a community effort of business, education, government and labour meeting to identify, communicate and resolve problems inherent in skilled labour shortage. Each year, HAAC presents its Honour Roll event to recognize companies demonstrating excellence in the promotion of the skilled trades in Halton.

    School to Career
  • School to Career
  • School to Career programs provide Halton students with a unique opportunity to experience hands-on learning in a workplace environment. They help bridge the gap between classroom learning and workplace realities. Students earn academic credits for their hours of participation. Work experiences benefit all students and can help to prepare them to make the transition from apprenticeship, college, university and secondary school to work. Information about all the School to Career programs is available at HIEC's School to Career website.
  • is Ontario's free online community connecting employers and tomorrow's workforce. Developed in 2008, the site acts as a single point of contact for employers looking to get involved with short, medium and long-term educational programs, ranging from one-hour career talks to full-semester cooperative education. With the introduction of programs like the Specialist High Skills Major and an increased emphasis on experiential learning as part of each student's individual pathway toward success, the role of Ontario's employers in education has never been more important. Students are counting on the involvement of local businesses and organizations to gain the experience and skills they need to fulfill their career ambitions. With, employers can quickly register and make themselves available to educators in their local community.

    Career Centre/Grade 8 Program
  • Career Centre/Grade 8 Program
  • The Halton Industry Education Council’s Career Centre is open to all Halton students and adult education groups. Last year, the Career Centre hosted over 7000 students. A visit to the Centre provides individuals with the opportunity to conduct occupational research on any of the 3000 Canadian Occupational Profiles which contain current and reliable information regarding working conditions, salaries, future trends and post-secondary pathways. The Career Centre is also stocked with informational materials provided by post-secondary institutes across Canada, ensuring available, accurate information about programs and admission requirements. A computer lab is available for additional research.

    Breakfast with the Mayors
  • Breakfast with the Mayors
  • Breakfast with the Mayors is a semi-annual event hosted by HIEC and the Mayors of Halton. Each Breakfast presents a leading edge keynote speaker, attracting a variety of community stakeholders. It provides a forum for community partners to be updated on educational issues and HIEC programs.

    Women As Career Coaches    Men As Career Coaches
  • Women As Career Coaches (WACC) & Men As Career Coaches (MACC)
  • Women as Career Coaches (WACC) is a dynamic intergenerational program designed to involve a variety of women from different occupational pathways to encourage and help young women become better informed about the variety of opportunities available to them in the world of work. Over the past five years, WACC has become an extremely popular event in Halton. Since its inception in 2005, the attendance of WACC has increased over 150% with over 700 women and students in attendance in 2010.

    Women as Career Coaches brings 300+ young women from the Halton community together with 300+ adult women who have experienced a variety of exciting and interesting career pathways. Student participants will range from Grades 9 - 12, and will be pursuing a variety of post-secondary pathways (apprenticeship, college, university and workforce). Some students in attendance will be aware of the occupational direction they intend to follow, while others will still be exploring their options. Attendees will have the opportunity to speak with female mentors from multiple sectors who will act as career coaches to empower young women to learn about the numerous career pathways available to them. Women as Career Coaches celebrates women - their goals, pathways, and accomplishments.

    This year HIEC introduced Men as Career Coaches to our event repertoire!

    Men and Women as Career Coaches will be unique opportunities for students, parents/guardians and all community members to come together for open and honest conversations about occupational pathways, post secondary destinations (apprenticeship, college, university and work) and work/life balance. HIEC promotes the philosophy that career aspirations are individual and unique to a young person's goals and interests. Our Career Coaching model encourages our entire community to play a vital role in reaching out to youth to provide them with the necessary information and resources to make informed career decisions while building a culture of mentorship that will have lasting impact in Halton.

    Seniors and Social Media
  • Seniors and Social Media
  • Bridging the generation gap between senior citizens and young people is a critical part of building a healthy and strong community. Seniors and Social Media is a program that brings students and seniors from Halton together to experience the benefits of intergenerational mentorship and social media. Developed in partnership by the Halton Industry Education Council (HIEC), with support from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors initiative, the Halton Catholic District School Board and the Halton District School Board.