Halton Apprenticeship Advisory Council

The Halton Apprenticeship Advisory Council (H.A.A.C.) was formed in response to the Apprenticeship in Halton - Be a Part of the Solution Symposium that took place in December 1998. The symposium attracted a large group of educators, employers, and government partners who expressed an interest in addressing the current shortage of skilled trades people in Halton. Workers, employers, and economists agree that skilled trades people help attract the high wage and highly technical jobs that Ontario needs to prosper. At the inaugural meeting of the Halton Apprenticeship Advisory Council, three subcommittees were formed. The Marketing, Linkages, and Curriculum Committees were intended to provide members, who wanted to become more active in promoting and developing apprenticeships, the opportunity to meet, discuss and develop an action plan about apprenticeship issues. The decision was made that the Halton Apprenticeship Advisory Council would meet on an annual basis.

Our Challenge

The skilled labour shortage is one of the most critical challenges threatening the economic viability of business today.

Our Response to the Challenge

The Halton Apprenticeship Advisory Council (HAAC) was created in December 1998 in response to the skilled labour shortage in Halton Region. Under the Halton Industry Education Council, HAAC is a community effort of business, education, government and labour, meeting regularly (usually monthly) to identify, communicate and resolve problems inherent in skilled labour shortage. The Council's structure is informal to encourage networking and open communication.

About the Members

The Council is composed of representatives from education, industry, labour and government.

The Council's Goals

  • Foster strategic partnerships between education, government, labour and industry
  • Identify barriers to the availability of skilled trades in Halton
  • Support existing programs
  • Implement and/or support initiatives which encourage excellence in apprenticeship training
  • Provide advice to government, education, labour and industry

The Council's Functions

  • Ideas Forum: the Halton Apprenticeship Advisory Council is a forum for stakeholders to exchange concerns and ideas and develop plans to improve the availability of skilled labour in Halton
  • Information and Education: the Council works to identify, strategize and implement and/or support initiatives in business or education that create awareness of, or excellence in, skilled trades. The Council develops promotional material, targeting students, parents and businesses, to encourage apprenticeship training and consideration of skilled trades as a career option
  • Advisory Forum: HAAC acts in an advisory role to government, education, industry and labour to communicate about, or comment on, policies or programs that address skilled trades

The Council's Successes

  • The first organization of its kind in Ontario.
  • Supported the development of the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Programs.
  • Supported the creation of www.apprenticesearch.com (an on-line job-matching system for employers and job seekers in the skilled trades). apprenticesearch.com provides information about apprenticeship for parents, educators, students and youth, as well as, facilitates the connection between employers and apprenticeship candidates. apprenticesearch.com was developed by Halton Industry Education Council (HIEC) and Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC).
  • Created the innovative annual "Honour Roll" awards program that formally recognizes six Halton companies which demonstrate excellence in support of skilled trades.

Getting Involved

We Invite You to Join the Council

If you have an interest in improving the future of the skilled trades in Halton, we welcome your involvement and encourage you to join or support the Halton Apprenticeship Advisory Council. HAAC's commitment to the skilled trades spans several years, and we have consistently sought to support the skilled trades in Halton. Our annual Honour Roll event has been tremendously important in honouring those companies who display true dedication to skilled trades training. If you would like to learn about the various ways you can get involved with HAAC and/or the Honour Roll event, please contact us using the information found on our Contact Us page.