Grade 8 Program - The Real Game

"I found coming to the Career Centre really helped me take a little better understanding of the career world and that path I want to go. It helped me decide more of where I want to go with my life."

Female student from Rolling Meadows

Each year in Halton, Ontario, Canada over 9000 grade 8 students are involved in 'The Real Game', a career explorations program geared to bringing real life experiences into the classroom. Halton Industry Education Council has played a huge role in ensuring the successful implementation of the 'Real Game' program in Halton. The Grade 8 'Real Game' program is a model of excellence for how business, education and community partnerships can bring a consistent message to students about the importance of making informed career decisions.

"I like this idea of having research for anyone to study for different jobs."

Male student from Rolling Meadows

In Halton, students complete a 10-week long in-class program that culminates with a visit to the HIEC Career Centre. At the Career Centre, the students participate in a program of self-awareness that ties their 'Real Game' experience to self directed occupational research. It is through such programs that Halton Industry Education Council meets its vision of "Inspiring youth in Halton to make informed decisions about their futures".

"Thank you for providing our class with this program. It was very helpful and educational. I am excited for the future and after this I am more confident in approaching it. Thanks again, I appreciate it!"

Female student from Holy Rosary

Halton Industry Education Council has had many partners over the years that have helped to establish their current reputation as a model for partnerships in the Province of Ontario. Key community partnerships for the grade 8 'Real Game' program include HIEC's ever strong partnerships with; The Halton Catholic District School Board, The Halton District School Board, Attridge Transportation Inc. who provide transportation for the grade 8 students to the HIEC Career Centre and the numerous local Rotary Clubs who sponsor this dynamic program.

Getting Involved

Thank You Attridge
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Our flagship Grade 8 career awareness program relies on many generous supporters each and every year to ensure its continued operation. More than 9,000 students pass through our Career Centre every year, coming away with increased knowledge of their opportunities in the working world and the tools necessary to get them there.