Women As Career Coaches 2007 Annual Event

HIEC's Event Expands!

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Women as Career Coaches gives young women the opportunity to learn about careers and pathways through mentoring.

Women as Career Coaches is an event that offers many positive outcomes for both the students and career coaches in attendance. For the students, this intergenerational event demonstrates how all post-secondary pathways can be successful and unique to an individual's goals and interests. For the career coaches, WACC represents an opportunity to reach out to youth in our community while being presented with a dynamic networking opportunity. Parents, students, teachers and industry members left WACC with a feeling of empowerment

As a community organization, HIEC feels that WACC will have a lasting effect in the Halton Region since the event encourages a culture of mentorship. HIEC takes feedback from students following the event indicating that former student attendees plan on returning as career coaches, noting that WACC was a fundamental source of inspiration for their next steps in career planning. Proving the event very successful!

WACC was also an opportunity to showcase the event to representatives from other Industry/Business Education Council's (IEC/BEC's) and community organizations. HIEC has always believed in sharing successful models as well as the templates for many of our programs and services. Representatives from Grand Eerie, Peel, Guelph/Wellington/Dufferin and Winnipeg were in attendance at WACC and many of them participated in the Career Coach Orientation Session which was held a week prior to the event.

Following Women as Career Coaches 2007, HIEC has continued to receive feedback about how WACC has had a significant impact with both students and career coaches. This intergenerational event demonstrated how all post-secondary pathways can be successful and unique to an individual's goals and interests. WACC encouraged many community stakeholders to come together and help young people chart their occupational courses. Parents, students, teachers and industry members continue to comment on how empowering the evening was and how it should be an annual event. Below are some testimonials and letters that we have received since the event that reiterate how Women as Career Coaches has made a difference in the lives of many.

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Keynote Speaker Karyn Gordon latest work: Dr. Karyn's Guide to the Teen Years.

The Keynote Speaker Dr. Karyn Gordon is a motivational speaker, TV producer and author. For 3 years she produced her own international music talk-show called 'Spill Your Guts' where she interviewed rock stars about issues relevant to youth. She is one Canada's authorities on understanding youth as she is frequently interviewed by national media including Much Music, Fashion 18 magazine, Teen People magazine National Post and many others. She has spoken to more than 200,000 teens across North America on the topics of self-esteem, motivation and the power of positive attitudes. Dr. Karyn's overall mission is to help teens understand themselves better so they can reach their full potential.

With her impressive background Dr. Karyn focused her Keynote on: identifying which self-esteem attitude each individual in the audience holds, recognizing the power their attitude has on motivation, dating, friendships, peer pressure and their body, and empowering the audience by teaching practical steps to building a healthy self-image.

Throughout the course of the evening, attendees also had the opportunity to hear from 6 different "Spotlight Speakers" who told their stories and explained their pathways in terms of the Engage Principles. Spotlight speakers included:

  • Carla Blackmore - Vice President, Zurich Canada
  • Beth Edney - Certified Landscape Designer, Designs By The Yard Inc.
  • Esther Bartkiw - Certified Associate Practitioner, Core Belief Engineering
  • Darlene Homonko - Executive Director, Golden Horseshoe Biosciences Network
  • Tammy Moffatt - Kitchen Manager, The Keg Steakhouse and Bar
  • Honey Novick - Singer, Songwriter, Voice Teacher, Poet and Entrepreneur, Creative Vocalization Studio
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The Interactive Identity mural by local artist Debbie Shannon

As Women as Career Coaches continues to grow, we see the influence of this event in our community. Not only are new relationships created and new pathways highlighted, but attendees are able to view themselves in a new light. As former student attendees become future career coaches, we will see how this valuable event has promoted a culture of mentorship and helped to build a new generation of women who value themselves and their occupational choices/informed career decision making.