Women As Career Coaches 2012



HALTON, ON – On March 29, 2012 more than 600 female high school students and adult women packed the Burlington Convention Centre as the Halton Industry Education Council (HIEC) hosted the eighth annual Women as Career Coaches (WACC). This inspiring evening of intergenerational mentorship focused on finding your passion through mentorship.

“One thing that I learned tonight is the importance of programs such as this,” said one Career Coach. “Mentorship for young students is so important. I will be back next year.”

For students, the evening was a learning experience. ”Because of tonight, I’m going to remind myself to strive for my dreams and goals even if I come across some difficulty,” said a student attendee. “There will always be ups before downs, and it is up to me to never give up.”

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Inside Halton - Halton students advised to find their passion in career choice

  • Spotlight speakers Melanie Groom and Tara McIntyre speak to the audience about their career journeys.
  • Thank you to Teachers Credit Union for being our WACC Cookie Sponsor!
  • Spotlight speaker Eva Dillon, Technology Coach from Arcelor Mittal Dofasco speaks to the packed convention centre about her career path.
  • The Hamilton Spectator’s Jane Allison facilitated this year’s spotlight speaker panel.
  • Spotlight speaker Laura Cercado, a Paediatric Transport Nurse from Ornge spoke about her interesting career.
  • This year’s WACC spotlight speakers took part in a speaker panel facilitated by The Hamilton Spectator to cap off the event.
  • HIEC welcomed back CP24’s Pooja Handa as WACC’s emcee for the fifth year in a row.
  • Spotlight speaker Ruth Breen, owner of Capstone Contracting spoke about her passion for the skilled trades.
  • Spotlight speaker Sera Mansueto spoke about her foundation called Walls of Hope.
  • WACC 2012 had over 600 students and career coaches in attendance.

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