Major Milestone Approaches for HIEC

breakfast 2008 photo
Some of the event sponsors

As HIEC approaches its 20th year milestone it continues its breakfast with the mayor semi-annual event. Halton is one of the fastest growing regions in Canada with Milton and Halton Hills leading the way in rapid growth. HIEC addresses employee recruitment and retention as a challenge for employers. This need was echoed in numerous employer surveys completed at FutureForce Halton. This survey information provides a significant amount of research relating to sector specific issues and sustainability of business in the region.

Halton is being faced with the challenge of managing population growth, increasing employment opportunities and developing a strong 21st century labour force. HIEC impresses upon the community the need for all partners to be proactive and collaborative in their workforce development strategies in the short term and long term. Reiterating, there is no shortage of work to do on these important local issues.

HIEC's goal over the past 19 years has been to support the development of a well prepared, work ready youth and a business community well positioned to hire them. HIEC's mission to do that has always revolved around bringing youth, parents, education, business, government, and community stakeholders together by using their neutral infrastructure to be a catalyst to find mutually beneficial solutions for the community.


breakfast 2008 photo
Keynote Speaker Chris Venn

Keynote Speaker Chris Venn puts emphasis on well guided youths. Chris' speech focused upon responsibility and personal leadership, he filled the attendees with a "can-do" attitude and a call to action.

News from this year:

The Women As Career Coaches evening, which is in its fourth year, has doubled in size. The energy filled, inspirational event continues to empower young women to follow their dreams.

A prime example of community collaboration is the The Halton Apprenticeship Advisory Council or HAAC for short. This partnership between The Centre for Skills Development and Training, Sheridan Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology, the HDSB, the HCDSB and HIEC annually recognizes employers who promote apprenticeship and demonstrate excellence in the skilled trades.

The successful community collaboration is the on-line tool that matches prospective apprentices with employers seeking skilled trade employees. The website is also a very useful source for apprenticeship and skilled trades information that continues to grow on its popularity and success in Halton and Ontario.

A few things about Apprenticesearch:

  • Launched a blog in Janurary 2008,, with traffic from 144 different cities across Canada. The blog spotlights apprenticesearch partner and Ontario Pro Challenge Racer, Tim Norris. Tim provides a range of updates on his racing season, and his life as a skilled trades person.
  • Resources for apprentices featured on the site includes information on health and safety, certifications, unions, financial assistance, employee rights and tips on where to get equipment for working in a skilled trade.
  • In 2007 apprenticesearch has linked over 200 employers with apprentices and continues working steadily to facilitate over 20 matches each month; one such match has been featured in the JobBoom section of the Toronto Sun.

HIEC has been bringing business and education together for over 19 years with the committed vision of inspiring youth in Halton to make informed career decisions. HIEC holds two Breakfast with the Mayors events, one in the fall and one in the spring, every year to raise awareness and foster further partnerships within the community. For more information on HIEC and its programs please click here.