New Awareness Made at HIEC’s Breakfast with the Mayors

Breakfast 2007 photo
Making the community aware

all is a time of celebration, recognizing the ongoing programs and projects that are part of HIEC's ever evolving organization as well as their long standing partnerships. It was in 1989 that representatives from the HDSB, HCDSB, Sheridan College, the Halton Chambers of Commerce as well as business and industry met to begin discussions on how these groups could work more closely to bridge the relationship between schools and the workplace. HIEC was very proud to announce representatives from some of 13 neighbouring Industry Education Councils attending as well as Alice Strachan, Executive Director of the Ontario Business Education Partnership. HIEC informed the audience of the importance of the Industry Education Model.

This year marked a special anniversary for HIEC to celebrate, the 15th anniversary of both the HIEC Career Centre and Grade 8 program. The Grade 8 Career Awareness Program was the Council's inaugural program and has provided the opportunity for approximately 70,000 students and their teachers to visit the Career Centre - keeping attendees and future students informed.

HIEC released a completely revised grade 8 program. Marking the beginning of the transition to online Real Game which has been part of their grade 8 program since the program was piloted for the province 12 years prior.

The Future Force Halton initiative announced some heavy weight speakers coming to the Region at Summit 2007 on October 30th. These speakers produced a high level report on trends in Halton's Workforce. "For some of you who attended I am sure you were left feeling as I was, that the journey from being a boiled frog is longer than one day and although we have lots to be proud of in Halton, we have a lot of work ahead of us to stay the course on people development and to maintain our efforts to help people make informed career decisions."

Breakfast 2007 photo
Keynote speaker Dr. James Côté

Keynote speaker Dr. James Côté author of Ivory Tower Blues: The Importance of Student Readiness in a Changing Workforce and professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Western Ontario spoke of the changing Canadian workforce demographics. The effect of mass higher education and problems with underemployment with university graduates. Outlining issues with todays thought model of the "University for all" mentality he mentions as uninformed youths are direct by parents of this generation.

HIEC has been bringing business and education together for over 19 years with the committed vision of inspiring youth in Halton to make informed career decisions. HIEC holds two Breakfast with the Mayors events, one in the fall and one in the spring, every year to raise awareness and foster further partnership in the community. Click here for more information about HIEC and its programs.